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Rare white grape, whose name makes you assume a probable origin from the city of Damascus. It is assumed it arrived in Sicily, and particularly in the area of ​​Trapani, during the Arab domination. The few mentions of this grape variety date back to 1868 through the work of Mendel. Then you can find it in the Bulletin ampelographic 1885. Marsala in the countryside, was used in the reconstruction of vineyards postfillosserica as an ideal wine to meet demand for fish. Today has been almost entirely replaced by Catarratto, more resistant to mildew and rot. Among the many synonyms: Beldi in Tunisia, Algeria in Guinea fowl, Mayorquin in France, Spain Pedralba Planta.

Wine regions



Other regions


Viticulture and winemaking

Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs :

Its leaf is large or very large, orbicular, rarely reniform or wedge-shaped, five-lobed, sometimes with 7, 9 or 11 lobes; bunch of large to very large, pyramidal or pyramidal-conical, winged, often tending to the compact, medium or large berry , iron, peel it rich in bloom, a little firm, greenish yellow, which darkens in the sun. He has excellent production and steady and fits pretty well to any type of soil and climate.

Diseases and adversity :

subject to rot, powdery mildew and tolerant enough mildew. Sometimes presents fasciation cases of shoots, resulting in loss of production.

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG where use is permitted of this vine and a selection of producers who use it in one of their wines.
Sicily :

 - Delia Nivolelli - min. 85% (with mention of the vine)

 - Marsala - 100% (in Marsala Oro), up to 30% (in Marsala Rubino





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