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Home 26th May 2010 Il Mio Vino magazine
26th May 2010 Il Mio Vino magazine

I have just come a cross a great FREE online magazine dedicated to italian wine. This is a free lifetime subscription to Il Mio Vino, USA Trade Edition. If you are in the wine industry, you get the magazine for free, for life. No obligation, no tricks, no bull. Just click on the cover below which will take you to through to the landing page, fill out a few details, and you're done.


 Il Mio Vino, USA Trade Edition is ad-supported so 
 that you in the wine industry can receive
 unfettered access to the latest and greatest
 news about Italian wines and stay abreast of the
 forces that are shaping the Italian wine world.

 You get a lifetime of FANTASTIC 
 information about Italy's best value wines, like:

 •Reviews and comparisons
 •Vintner biographies and winery profiles
 •General education about the Italian wine system
 •The latest news affecting the industry
 •Detailed charts, maps, and lush photographs
 of Italy's best-kept secret wineries
 •And WAY more.







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