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The vines are native to Friuli and were first grown on the hills of Spilimbergo in the 15th century. The name comes originally from "schiavolino" or wine of Slavia, the lands which lie beyond the Alps of Venezia Giulia. They are now grown esclusively in Pinzano al Tagliamento and Castelnuovo del Friuli. A particularly characteristic wine which goes best with distinctive food: outstanding with shellfish and herb risottos (sclopit). Delicious when drunk on its own.


Straw yellow, more or less intense depending on the vintage and winemaking, with faint greenish reflections that disappear after a few years.

Intensely fruity, delicate and gentle, reminiscent of typical grape entirely. Mildly spicy, reminiscent of the elder flower, yellow peppers and sometimes distantly, exotic fruits, the flower of acacia. After the first year of life, the fruity aroma weakens, leaving a net prevalence of the Artemisia flower. Overall, pleasant, interesting as a whole.

Full, well-structured and well supported, although harmonious with acid content. Mildly tannic, long in taste, sometimes just lovely, with the aroma that comes back and stays in the mouth.

A wine of great personality, asks dishes just as important. Is a wine for appetizers, soups and broth, egg dishes and fish, herb frittata and rustic local cuisine. Inimitable and herb risotto with crustaceans as "sclopit. You can also enjoy excellent meals.
Serve at 10-12 degrees.

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