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Vitovska or Vitouska, also known in Slovenian as Vitovska Grganja or Garganja is an Italian and Slovene wine grape predominantly planted in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and in the Vipava Valley in the Slovenian Littoral. The name of the grape is of Slovenian origin, but is now mostly found in the lower Isonzo and Carso regions of northeast Italy. The grape produces a dry white wine.

Vitovska is a cross between Prosecco Tondo and Malvasia Bianca Lunga


The Vitoska vine is considered a native variety, as it is found nowhere else in the Mediterranean area and its history is part of the local traditions. Brought back from oblivion thanks to the knowledgeable work and commitment of a handful of producers who have believed in the potential quality of this grape.

The wine is straw yellow in color, and the perfume is fruity and winey. To the palate it is slightly acidic, sapid and shows good body.


Wine regions

The Vitovska grape is a vine with a greenish-gold berry that has always been cultivated in area of Trieste


Other regions

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