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Coda di Volpe


Coda di Volpe is a white grape variety grown in the Campagnia region of southern Italy. Its name, meaning tail of the fox, was given by Pliny in Roman times because of the shape of its grape clusters. It is used as blend in the Vesuvio DOC as well as in aromatic varietals.Old bell white grape variety, mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his "Naturalis Historia". Its name derives from the Latin "Cauda Vulpium" for its characteristic shape reminiscent of the fox's tail.  

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Viticulture and winemaking

Until a few years ago was considered a minor variety and was used mostly blended with other varieties. Today has shown, however, can reach levels very interesting, vinified alone. It has many synonyms including Coda di Pecora , Pallagrello White , During and Falerno . It has large leaves, five-lobed, light green, bunch large, sparse, sometimes dense, pyramid-shaped, winged, small grape and regular sub-round, consisting of yellow and waxy skin. It has a good productivity but is not very vigorous, mature on average in the second half of September.

Below is a list of all DOC and DOCG where use is permitted of this vine


Campi Flegrei - 10-30%

Fiano di Avellino - up to 15%

Greek di Tufo - up to 15%

Sorrento Peninsula - in blends

Sannio - alone or in blends

Solopaca - 20-40%

Taburno - alone or in blends

Vesuvius - min. 35%









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