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Bosco is a white grape variety found in the Liguria region of northern Italy, in particular the area known as Cinque Terre. Bosco is a ight white grape used mostly for blending.We need to go to the Bulletin ampelographic of 1883 to find the name of this grape variety mentioned among the varieties grown in the province of Genoa, yet today you do not have reliable information about its origin. The name may derive from the stories of some who claim to have been imported in the Cinque Terre by branches taken from the wood of the Marquis of Villa Durazzo in Genoa.


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Environmental and cultural characteristics and needs : It has medium leaf, pentagonal and five lobes; cluster medium or medium-large, conical wings stretched obvious, is subject to leaking so it can be from loose to very loose, the berries are medium in size, ellipsoidal , with thick rich in bloom, green-yellowish gray, becoming brown in the sun. The juice has grassy flavour but not unpleasant. It prefers dry, hilly terrain, has good production but is subject to leaking and millerandage grapes. The farming system is a traditional pergola.

Diseases and adversity : He has good tolerance to downy mildew and sour rot , at least ' powdery mildew .

Follows, by region, a list of all DOC and DOCG is allowed where the use of this vine

- Cinque Terre: 40-100%
- Polcevera: 0-40%





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